It is the autumn of my life.

A time for harvest, and homecoming.

All things are beautiful in autumn,

The trees, the apples, the pumpkins, and if you are fortunate, the roses.

It is a time to love

Your spouse, your children, their children and if you are fortunate, their children.

Autumn is a time to review life, 

Your parents and siblings, and

Friends who have gone before.

Autumn is a time for thanksgiving,

For your health, for those who loved you,

For your career, for your achievements 

And if you are fortunate, for your relationship with God.

Autumn is a time to prepare for winter 

By forgiving, by preparing, by storing away, by paying up your debts.

Debts from eating, drinking, smoking, hating, and poor judgements.

Winter is coming.



I love walking in the October sun, leaves rustling, geese honking on the wing.

I have seen 74 autumns,

And I will see a few more,

So it is a time to reflect, to ready the feast, to gather the acorns, and to bring the family to mind.

I don’t walk as well as I used to, my eyes grow dim, my heart is straining, my kidneys are damaged and I ache in my joints.

But my dog walks with me, my wife and friends give me hugs, my grandchildren shout with joy when they see me.

I am still here Lord.

I love you.

I will come when you call,

But there’s still time,

Time for more mistakes?

– Small town boy


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