It’s me

It’s me, just me.

The same me I’ve always been,

Just uncovered, discovered, exposed.

See me?

Hear me?

It’s just me,

Warts and all.

Sometimes okay,

Sometimes off track,

Sometimes run amuck,

Sometimes …

But when the day is done 

It’s just me.

Don’t you see?

I can feel it. I’m still here.

In the dark, seeking light.

Pushing myself to be


You have shown me sides of me I didn’t know.

I love your anger for bringing these 

Hidden views of me to the surface.

Otherwise I wouldn’t see

Because I’m blind to what you think of me unless you tell me. Blind to how you see me from your side.

I can only see me.

Especially when I’m alone.

The you I see is

In love with me, I know.

I’m trying to be the best me I can be,

To return that love.

But I’m just me.

Me alone.


-Small Town Boy


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