Lonely heart

Neil Young’s heart of gold

Sings to my lonely heart.

The. Heart that has loved too many

And not enough.

I have a strong heart. And I believe it

When it says it is in love.

I believe it when it yearns for another’s touch,

Another’s kiss.

My heart is no fool.

My heart is not a foolish heart.

When my heart feels the love,

I pay attention.

My body fills with a seizure of the 

Blood and gut.

My brain looses all rational thought.

My spirit soars to the heavens

Thanking God for another go

At love Devine and corporal.

My friend died waiting for someone to love.

I have many who love me.

Maybe it’s the passion that I miss.

The rush.

The excitement.

My whole self yearns for 

Touch and kiss.



Remembering when.

Remembering who.

Wanting more.

The song they played at his funeral, his song?

“I need someone to love me.” By Queen

I know he is where love abounds, now.

I know he’s found someone to love him.

I loved him.

– Small town boy

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