My keys?

I haven’t exactly lost my drivers license but it may be soon.

Until the occupational therapist can administer a test in a simulator,

I’m supposed to voluntarily cease from operating any vehicle.

My neurilogist further suggested that I consider turning in my license to the DMV “sooner rather than later.”

Senile dementia or vascular cognitive impairment seems to be creeping up on me.

As a former Dial a Bus driver I’ve heard many stories of driving licenses being taken or surrendered and the loss of independence that resulted.

Not a pretty picture.

I have a Honda Element and a Honda Silverwing in the garage.

I have friends depending on me to provide transport because they are already unlicensed.

I’m going to have to use the city transit (fortunately it’s free).

I have two bicycles in the garage which will get more use, a good idea for my physical and mental health.

I have a friend nearby who will be happy to drive me to church.

I have a wife willing to drive Meals on Wheels with me.

However I did get a little excited today trying to direct her on the route.

Actually, I had planned to curtail my motor scooter driving next summer when I turn 75, this just makes it happen a bit sooner.

It’s not all said and done yet. In addition to the OT I will see the Neuro psychologist and another psychologist who will help my wife and I enter our forgetful years.

I could hitchhike?

I couldn’t walk over a mile or so.

I won’t sit at home.

Another milestone in my life.

– Small Town Boy


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