I’m not less of a man

I’m not less of a man, or less human,

because I can’t remember your name,

because I’m distracted when I drive,

because I’m incontinent,

because I’m diabetic and have arterial sclerosis,

because I can’t run and walk with difficulty especially climbing stairs.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

I’m not telling you so  much as I’m telling myself.

I’m telling myself that I am, at least, the same man,

if not better for my disabilities that I share with an aging population.

I can still love, even if I  can’t get it up.

I can still go places, even if it is by public transport.

I can still walk my dog, even if it is not with a  backpack up a mountain trail.

I am still here for my family, even with impulse control problems.

I can still dream, even with having to get up every two hours to pee.

I can stll be your friend, though we have to  grow new strategies for us to get together.

And you?

Are you still the human you once were?

Is your heart filled with love?

Do you still enjoy a beautiful fall day, with trees costumed in bright colors?

This is what life has dealt us, we have worked hard to get to this point,

And we have a ways to go yet. You and me, together, in life.

Can we? Be together? Growing old together has become real, but

I’m not less of a man,

I’m just me,


– Small town boy, I write in memory of my departed friend, Verlyne Phillip who got me started writing.


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