e moped

So my drivers license is suspended (by me)

Till I can take a test my neurologist arranged to  see if I’m fit.
So I got an e moped from a woman (Rachel) in Eugene who loved it.

My wife, Rachael, and I wrangled it into  the Element and take it home to Corvallis.

My Son-in-law helped me unwrangle it from the Element here.

I decide to take it for a ride, but I forgot which button to push on the key fob,

And the alarm repeatedly sounds.

After due diligence I get it on and run it around the neighborhood.

What fun, and quiet too.

Later I take it on the bike path by the Willamette River near my house in South Corvalli.

Part way into the park I get a call from the man who wants to  buy my motorscooter helmet.

He’s in  the neighborhood again but coaching football and doesn’t have his car.

I ask him if I can bring it to him, anxious to use my new e moped.

He says he will meet me at the Monmouth Bi Mart.

So we arrange a time, I return home and pick up the helmet

and ride via the wonderful Corvallian bike paths

to the Bi Mart near Philomath, checking with him again that it is the one on 53rd and Philomath Hwy.  He tells me to call him when I start and he will meet me.

So off I go, through Avery Park, down the bike path that parallels the highway and suddenly about 4 miles into my 5 mile trip, the juice is running low and my speed is cut in half.

I nurse it the rest of the  way by pedaling, walking, and using less juice.

I make it to the Bi Mart and am lucky enough to find an external plug and a bench to wait on.

But when he can’t find me, I realize I’ve gone to the wrong Bi Mart. Mine is southwest of Corvallis. His is 20 miles north. Oops.

I read over our texts and notice that he said Monmouth about 5 times and each time I read Philomath.  (He had been to Philomath a week ago coachiing a football game last week)

So there was nothing to do but to sit and wait for the e moped to charge.I texted Rahael and she kept me e company  and shared other tips abouot owning her e moped, Thanks Rachael.

Finally after an hour of charging and talking with cyclists of all ages who parked their bikes in  the bike rack where I was  sitting, I got the beast unplugged and was on my way.

Rachael was sure that one hour would be sufficient to get me home if i kept the powere switch at 1 insteead of 3 and that turning on  my lights wouldn’t drain my batteries.

She was right. I slowed a little when I got close to home, otherwise it purred like kitten.

I named her Rachael after my new e friend.

( the last texts were to remind me which buttons to push to turn it on.)

PS At 11:11 p.m. I awaken from a sound sleep.  Get up and pee, and check  my  text  messages. He  writes, “Are you up?  We’re coming through Corvallis on our  way back to Newport.”

Hell yes,  I’m up. I meet a giant  of  a man and his giant son wants  my XXXX helmet.   HooHa!   SOLD!!

– Small Ton Boy


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