The Snake

“Can I borrow a drill?”

My son (25) came over from  his apartment to  borrow a drill.

Mom said, “We don’t have a working drill. You borrowed them and didn’t return the chargers and they can’t be purchased separately. Why do you want a drill?”

“I have to  drill some holes in some plastic.”

“Why do you have to drill holes in plastic?”

“For the snake.”

Jac has changed his mind about having a rat as a pet and now wants a snake.  He will use the 10 gallon aquarium from his older sister in which her son had a two foot corn snake that he used to feed mice for food once a week.

“What snake? You can’t have a snake in that apartment.”

“I have to go to Eugene to get the snake. I need to borrow your car.”

This is  after he has had my Trek mountain bike and my Aprillia moped stolen. Also  he has just lost his second job in three months and didn’t use the car to talk to the supervisor about his absences due to illness.

He says the snake is eight feet long!

Mom tells him he won’t be able to get the snake in  the little plastic storage box he is taking and that the snake can’t live in his apartment.

But he had decided he wanted the snake for a pet.

“Have you asked your sister for the aquarium yet?” “No.”

After she took him home, she called and told him since we co-signed the apartment he can’t have a  snake in it, and that’s final. This is an impulse.

He’s not talking to us right now.

An 8′ snake! In a styrofoam cooler?

Oh Jac.

– Small town boy


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