The tyranny of the car

I have reached a new awareness

Since I voluntarily surrendered my driving license.

I’ve noticed that I see more of my surroundings from the passenger seat.

I am happy to let others do the driving.

But mostly I feel free of the tyranny of the automobile.

I don’t worry about gas anymore, or the price of it.

I will not be buying another. At the current prices that frees a lot of my income.

Though I still use highways and streets I can appreciate less asphalt and more grass or gardens.

I don’t watch for motorcycle police with radar guns.

I don’t pollute the environment with CO2, CO, or any of the other internal combustion harmful emissions.

I have no interest in Middle East oil, fracking, or Texas and Oklahoma oil fields.

I’m not concerned about oil lobby, auto lobby, or any other related lobbies.

I’m free of car insurance for life. A big savings.

I’m not scheduling appointments at University Honda, Les Schwab, or the car wash.

I ride by the auto parts stores with a smile.

What do you think. Imagine your life car free.

PS: the driver for Dial a Bus who just drove me home said he voluntarily gave up his license years ago and rides his bike everywhere, including cross the country.

Now he drives Dial a Bus so he won’t forget how to drive.

And I ride my e moped!

– Small Town Boy

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