On the edge of the ocean

On the edge of the ocean is where the sea nymphs play.

Roiling waves reach for the sky and fall to the deep. 

Horsetails abound if the offshore winds join in the frolic.

Swells from far offshore arrive to meet the waves retuning from the beach and lift higher and higher until gravity pulls them down to crash in beautiful whiteness racing again to the shore.

My life is better because I witness the sea nymphs dancing and prancing by the beach.

My heart lifts as waves lift and rejoice in the curl unoccupied by surfers.

Calm ascends over my soul as turmoil engulfs the edge of the great Pacific and repeats the crescendos in the bright sunlight.

Does a wave crash if no one there to watch and be amazed? Is the surf performing for me today?

I yearn for winter storms to churn up the sea so I can seem to sit precariously atop each wave till it falls.

I fall back in my recliner, spent, and hopeful.

Thank you Neptune for sending your silly, sweet, laughing sea nymphs,

On the edge of the sea.



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