Verlyne is gone, just before Halloween, ovarian cancer.

Verolyne is gone, last summer, scooter accident in Cambodia.

Jeff is gone, cancer a few years ago.

Trudie is gone, pancreatic cancer,  25 years ago or so.

Gladys is gone, colon cancer, 30 years or so.

Mom is gone, colon cancer, 37 years?

Dad is gone, took his own life 65 years ago.

My mother-in-law, Ruth, and my father-in-law are gone, colon cancer and traffic accident.

All 6 maternal aunts and uncles and their spouses gone.

My father’s brother and sister and their spouses are gone.

All of my ancestors, gone.

Two Kennedys and MLKing gone.

But I’m not gone, yet.

I will go too and so will you.

I am the product of those who have gone before.

Let me use my time here to the best use.

Let me do the things I won’t be able to do in the next life: hug, kiss, hold babies, talk to those around me, act with truth and kindness.

Let me prepare for the next step, spiritually, bodily, emotionally, and mentally.

Let me enjoy the moment and the world around me.

Let me not hate or carry anger or hurt.

I have this life, more than the body I have, let me enjoy love, friends and sweet memories that result.

I only see the inside. You only see the outside. If we talk those two views can be reconciled? 

Let me hear you.

Let me see you.

Your life and mine have crossed paths for a moment. Leave something for me as I have left this for you.

I love you and them and me.

I love the we that exists for a microsecond.

I will hold it close to my heart till I die.

Thank you.

-small town boy


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