The Christmas sElf

Once upon a time,

I had a Christmas sElf.

I don’t know where he lived all year round, I didn’t see him much.

But at Christmas,

At Christmas he makes me feel wonderful.

He gives me permissions.

Permissions I don’t have in the rest of the year.

Permission to love everyone, Jesus, and Santa.

Permission to celebrate grandkids and great grandkids.

Permission to give and to receive.

I love my Christmas sElf,

I love him so much that I invited him to spend the rest of the year with me.

I want to feel like this everyday.

No longer ’tis the season!’

Now tis each and every day.

Talk to your Christmas sElf and see if he will hang with you this year.

I’m sure he’ll find many things to enjoy with you. 

Merry Chrustmas today and all your tomorrows.

I love you, don’t you see? Ask your Christmas sElf, he’ll tell you so.

– Small town boy

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