The 6’s

1946 – Coleridge, NE, 5 yrs old.

1956 – Loveland, CO, 15 yrs old, sophomore at new school after moving to Loveland from Fort Collons because my mother taught Hime Ec at LHS.

1966 – Portland, OR, 25 yrs old, new first teaching job at Roosevelt High School teaching math and Physics. (3 children)

1976 – Portland, OR, 35 yrs old, president Pirtland Assn if Teachers and teaching at Adams High School, physics, physical science and general studies. Betsy and I are in Philadelphia for the bicentennial.

1986 – Eugene, OR, 45 yrs old, attending the University of Oregon for Ph.D. In Computers in Education.

1996 – Portland, OR, 55 yrs old, teaching at Marshall High School, physical science on computers. Adopted three grandkids in 1992, consulting in western states in Imaging Processing, science and math on the Internet, and systems dynamics.

2006 – Corvallis, OR, 65 yrs old, retired and moved to Corvallis where I volunteered with Dial-a-Bus and Meals on Wheels.  Have traveled to Europe, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Central America and SE Asia, mostly for volunteer work.

2016 -75 yrs old, ??!?!

-Small town boy.


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