Laurie told me to swim two or three times a week.

Laurie is my former student, friend, swim coach who was here in Corvallis for a meet.

So I went to Osborn Swim Center and got a card for 15 swims

After digging out my swim gear: suit, goggles, towel, padlock, gym bag, shower shoes, and snorkel.

It took me 15 minutes to readjust my goggles from little heads that used it last summer,

You’d be amazed at how difficult it was.

Now into the pool. Not in the lanes where the ‘lappers’ are speeding up and back along one side of their lanes.

But in the corner where ‘adult swim’ was going on, where I could experiment, try strokes I thought I remembered and breathing techniques Laurie taught me one time when I was in Portland and had the opportunity to watch and swim as she coached seniors, I am a senior, 75 this summer.

I was able to swim 1/3 of the length of the pool and thought I was doing great to do that much.  Fortunately I could stand where I stopped, near the lifeguards seat high above the pool.

I had quickly given up the underwater swimming for freestyles and felt the pull on my arms, but not as much as I felt the pain the next morning at Fitness Over Fifty when I tried the rowing machine.  Oh my, were my upper arms sore.

I swam the short swim two more times and thought that was enough for a first time back in, how many years?

When the lady at the front counter gave me my punch card she had looked me up on the computer land found me under a different name (I changed my last name two years ago) and told me it was about five years since I had swum there. Oh my!

So I love Lauriel for helping me toward a more healthy lifestyle (and her hugs) but I don’t think kindly of her when this old body aches.

Laurie had been in my chemistry and my physics class at Jefferson High School when we were both younger. Now she is the teacher, I the student. 

Thanks Laurie. I’m swimming in love.

(I’ll let you know how it goes.)

– Small town boy