Today is not Wednesday

Today is not Wednesdau, nor Tuesday either.

This is not March, but an extended February.

This is not daylight saving anything,

But make up for a quarter day overshoot each year. 

Where did they get this leap year leap day, you ask?

Why out of their imagination, of course.

Why are US presidential elections held during this leap year?

And why aren’t we voting today and all those debates, interviews and town hall meetings would be over, now.

In Dogpatch the girls, including Daisy Mae get to ask their fellas, including Lil’ Abner to the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

I don’t expect I’ll get invited this year.

And today my son Jim is marrying Karis in Denver. They will only have to celebrate every four years, and it will be easy for him and her to remember the date.

So this is an imaginary day, an extra day for you.

What will you do with it?


Nothing would be a good thing to do today, all day, by yourself or with others.

Dedicate this day to…

Hmmm, dedicate this day to nothing in particular,

And do your best to enjoy this extra day squeezed into your life.

By doing nothing, in particular.

(Art by Robin Parsons)

– small town boy


The Pain

The pain comes and goes.

The pain just below my right scapula,

And then down my right arm.

Coincidentally my right forefinger and thumb are trembling and weak,

Making it difficult to write here on my iPhone or to tear open a Truvea packet for my morning coffee.

I went to the massage therapist and she recommended a chiropractor. 

The massage didn’t deal with the pain. It gets worse when I sit, stand or drive.

The chiropractor found the problem in the T3 vertebra which had twisted to the left thus exposing a little part of bone which was activating a muscle or nerve.

He hammered it to loosen it up and then cracked it to get it to go back to its proper position.

It felt better for a couple of hours.

I took four ibuprofen, but it didn’t help.

I tried smoking cannabis, but that didn’t help either.

I went to Urgent Care and he took a chest x-Ray, and prescribed prednisone (3 days) and a muscle relaxer (controlled substance). They didn’t help.

I went back to massage and back to chiropractor. No help.

I asked for prayer at church. It helped for about four hours.

Accupuncture identified other problem tat were causing the pain to go down my right arm. Two visits brought some relief.

My PCP couldn’t find the X-ray because she was looking for a neck X-ray but finally found the chest X-ray which didn’t help her. She said she could give me pain meds, but I wouldn’t be able to drive. I declined.

So she sent me to her favorite physical therapist who couldn’t schedule me in for a month. So I scheduled an appointment with my physical therapist.

Now I’m sitting in the physical therapist’s office awaiting his therapy.

Pain is tiring. I understand better those who suffer with chronic pain.

It wears you down and limits activity.

The only help has been sitting with a heating pad.

Bless you if you suffer chronic pain and bless those who help you.

It is however distracting from what I used to sorry about.

– Small town boy


Yellow must be God’s favorite color,
He uses it so often in the spring breakout.
Daffodils, forsythia, crocus, tulips, iris, and dandelions.
Yellow says something; it says it’s a bright new life; in your face winter.
Yellow doesnt hang back, but reaches right into your cerebral cortex and jolts you out of winter’s stupor.
Hybernation is done and L’m hungry.
Im hungry for meat; I’m hungery for the hunt; I’m hungry for sex and activity.

Yellow fills my soul.

It fills my soul with song.

It fills my soul with desire.

It fills my soul with hope.

I’m going to stop here and go for a walk.

May God bless your life with lots of yellow today.

– small town boy

In the night

It’s dark in the subdivision 

And everyones asleep but me.

The weather is warm

And the clouds cover the sky.

The killdeers sleep

The frogs croak

And I wait.

Near the back of the back yard,

Near the middle garden in a box,

Under the dead white birch

That couldn’t live in what used to be farmland,

Where grasseed was grown,

A gnome lives.

His name is Garlick,

He is a young gnome,

And he tends the garden.

By young I mean 50,

Young by

My standards, I’m nearly 75.

He remembers when the killdeer 

Lived here, and the young mountain lion,

Newly evicted from his den.

He remembers beaver in the Willamette nearby,

But mostly he remembers Greta.

They wanted to raise a family here,

Near the hyacinths thought to be tulips by the previous owner,

A man from India who worked for HP and had moved to Austin, Texas.

They had a fine Burrough made more comfortable with bits of fur and feathers, moss and lichen.

They had plans and they had history.

They had love and they had chemistry.

Gnome love is a tender and a wild thing.

But Greta was slain one night by Russell,

The neighbor’s tabby cat who was outside prowling the dark

Looking for, no, hunting for something to chase and catch.

He found Greta.

When he was through ‘playing’ with her she was gone.

Garlick found her in the morning, not realizing she had gone out to pee.

He couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. His heart broke into pieces and he wept for three days .

His friends came to him and helped him bury his love beneath the artichoke plants.

“Now what will I do?” he asked himself.

“Go on.” Said the Great Spirit. “She’s with me now. Part of everything.” 

It’s quiet in the night in my backyard. We have finished our weeping and moved on,

But with sweet, warm memories of our dear departed sister.

Thank you Greta for all you left us, all the love and memories you left behind in the wake of your blessed life.

We love you .


– Small town boy

Forward or Backward?

I think it’s not about the candidates,

Especially ‘he who must not be named.’

I have had a great difficulty with the candidates and their supporters. 

I ask how voters/supporters can support such people and their campaigns.

I am embarrassed for our country.

But then I received new insight after watching supporters say they would support their candidate (one in particular) in spite of any action he might take!

Then it hit me: it’s not the candidate, it’s what he proclaims, namely that he wants to rebuild America and make it great again.

It’s reactionary politics.

This statement is what garners this loyalty and support. These people feel that their country has changed in basic ways, ways they do not support, or fear, or feel threatened by political change which has occurred under the current president: gay rights, emigrants, Islamic extremists, health care, a black president, etc. I’m sure you can add to the list, cannabis and same sex marriage for example.

It’s not the candidate, it’s the message.

Other candidates point toward a forward path: free college, free health care, no more large campaign donations, etc.

So what?

You pick: forward or backward, progressive or conservative, everyone or just the top 1%?

And then VOTE!

– small town boy 

The Wilderness

I live in a wilderness,

I live in a college town,

I live near the university.

We are not able to confront racism here;

We talk everything to death;

Saying the right things;

Speaking politically correct phrases;

We don’t live or feel;

We act like we are on committee.

I came here from the city;

I came from a rich smorgasbord of cultural, political, and constantly changing diversity,

Where doing nothing by talking is not an option.

Life is in your face there,

Many identify with Out of Compton,

Many understand through direct experience 

That which we can’t,

Here in the wilderness.

A Jolt of Passion

Passion isn’t a drug, though it acts like one.

Passion isn’t an illness though it may over stimulate..

Passion is a personal trait, a trait of a person you may know.

Characteristics of a passionate person:

– strong emotional response to certain other people.

– enduring personal bonds over time.

–  long five minute full body heart-to-heart hugs.

– strong life force, sometimes exhibited in atheletics.

–  a need to teach as a passionate response to others.

– strong presence with direct eye contact,  with a need to touch.

– persistent communications, although necessarily by electronics..

– asks about  you and then listens intently.

I’m sure you know more.

When you find someone like this, hold on,

For it will hit you like a jolt of high powered electricity,

And you will be. Amazed. Loved. Stunned. Overjoyed…

Bless the passionate people in this life,

They add the zest to this world,

To my world.

– small town boy


Where do you get affection?

Where do you spend it?

How do you experience this ancient love by touch.

How does it affect you?

“I don’t trust it”, says friend who has lived with abuse, “I’ve had too many hands on me!”

Ash Wednesday message: love yourself.

How does affection work with yourself?

Do I have to seek it or wait for it?

Will someone share affection with me?

Male or female? Family or friend? Adult or child? Known or stranger?

Have you felt/seen affection lately? Today?

An old man is visited by a neighbor woman. He strokes her cheek casually in the conversation with the back of his fingers. Very affectionate gesture.

Children are naturally affectionate, adults aren’t. They’ve forgotten or have conditions or miss cues.

When was the last time you were affectionate? With whom? Where? Why?

Do you kiss? A peck? A sincere heartfelt kiss, I don’t even remember French kissing, though at the time I felt it was more passionate than affectionate. What’s the difference?

To be affectionate is a small commitment. Hugs are ubiquitous and offer little in the way of affection.

A look. A look can contain affection, a little or a lot.

Often a kiss is often the beginning.

What is the end? Ennui?

“Why didn’t you ever give me anything before?” ” Because I didn’t have anything to give you.” I would have thought a little affection would have been enough.”

– Max Dugan Returns

Can you buy it? Amazon? eBay? Sears? Hallmark? Walmart?

A puppy! How affectionate is that! But does it substitute for human to human affection?

I am sending this to you out of affection, not to bargain for affection in return, just saying.

  1. Think about it. Notice. Never pass up an opportunity to give or receive affection. Try lengthening your next hug to five ears.minutes.
  2. Keep notes: who what where etc.
  3. Define affection for yourself and for others.
  4. Relax, take a breath, be open to the experience awaiting you.
  5. Affection leads to love.
  6. I love you, can we snuggle?



– small town boy