Where do you get affection?

Where do you spend it?

How do you experience this ancient love by touch.

How does it affect you?

“I don’t trust it”, says friend who has lived with abuse, “I’ve had too many hands on me!”

Ash Wednesday message: love yourself.

How does affection work with yourself?

Do I have to seek it or wait for it?

Will someone share affection with me?

Male or female? Family or friend? Adult or child? Known or stranger?

Have you felt/seen affection lately? Today?

An old man is visited by a neighbor woman. He strokes her cheek casually in the conversation with the back of his fingers. Very affectionate gesture.

Children are naturally affectionate, adults aren’t. They’ve forgotten or have conditions or miss cues.

When was the last time you were affectionate? With whom? Where? Why?

Do you kiss? A peck? A sincere heartfelt kiss, I don’t even remember French kissing, though at the time I felt it was more passionate than affectionate. What’s the difference?

To be affectionate is a small commitment. Hugs are ubiquitous and offer little in the way of affection.

A look. A look can contain affection, a little or a lot.

Often a kiss is often the beginning.

What is the end? Ennui?

“Why didn’t you ever give me anything before?” ” Because I didn’t have anything to give you.” I would have thought a little affection would have been enough.”

– Max Dugan Returns

Can you buy it? Amazon? eBay? Sears? Hallmark? Walmart?

A puppy! How affectionate is that! But does it substitute for human to human affection?

I am sending this to you out of affection, not to bargain for affection in return, just saying.

  1. Think about it. Notice. Never pass up an opportunity to give or receive affection. Try lengthening your next hug to five ears.minutes.
  2. Keep notes: who what where etc.
  3. Define affection for yourself and for others.
  4. Relax, take a breath, be open to the experience awaiting you.
  5. Affection leads to love.
  6. I love you, can we snuggle?



– small town boy 


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