A Jolt of Passion

Passion isn’t a drug, though it acts like one.

Passion isn’t an illness though it may over stimulate..

Passion is a personal trait, a trait of a person you may know.

Characteristics of a passionate person:

– strong emotional response to certain other people.

– enduring personal bonds over time.

–  long five minute full body heart-to-heart hugs.

– strong life force, sometimes exhibited in atheletics.

–  a need to teach as a passionate response to others.

– strong presence with direct eye contact,  with a need to touch.

– persistent communications, although necessarily by electronics..

– asks about  you and then listens intently.

I’m sure you know more.

When you find someone like this, hold on,

For it will hit you like a jolt of high powered electricity,

And you will be. Amazed. Loved. Stunned. Overjoyed…

Bless the passionate people in this life,

They add the zest to this world,

To my world.

– small town boy


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