Forward or Backward?

I think it’s not about the candidates,

Especially ‘he who must not be named.’

I have had a great difficulty with the candidates and their supporters. 

I ask how voters/supporters can support such people and their campaigns.

I am embarrassed for our country.

But then I received new insight after watching supporters say they would support their candidate (one in particular) in spite of any action he might take!

Then it hit me: it’s not the candidate, it’s what he proclaims, namely that he wants to rebuild America and make it great again.

It’s reactionary politics.

This statement is what garners this loyalty and support. These people feel that their country has changed in basic ways, ways they do not support, or fear, or feel threatened by political change which has occurred under the current president: gay rights, emigrants, Islamic extremists, health care, a black president, etc. I’m sure you can add to the list, cannabis and same sex marriage for example.

It’s not the candidate, it’s the message.

Other candidates point toward a forward path: free college, free health care, no more large campaign donations, etc.

So what?

You pick: forward or backward, progressive or conservative, everyone or just the top 1%?

And then VOTE!

– small town boy 


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