The Pain

The pain comes and goes.

The pain just below my right scapula,

And then down my right arm.

Coincidentally my right forefinger and thumb are trembling and weak,

Making it difficult to write here on my iPhone or to tear open a Truvea packet for my morning coffee.

I went to the massage therapist and she recommended a chiropractor. 

The massage didn’t deal with the pain. It gets worse when I sit, stand or drive.

The chiropractor found the problem in the T3 vertebra which had twisted to the left thus exposing a little part of bone which was activating a muscle or nerve.

He hammered it to loosen it up and then cracked it to get it to go back to its proper position.

It felt better for a couple of hours.

I took four ibuprofen, but it didn’t help.

I tried smoking cannabis, but that didn’t help either.

I went to Urgent Care and he took a chest x-Ray, and prescribed prednisone (3 days) and a muscle relaxer (controlled substance). They didn’t help.

I went back to massage and back to chiropractor. No help.

I asked for prayer at church. It helped for about four hours.

Accupuncture identified other problem tat were causing the pain to go down my right arm. Two visits brought some relief.

My PCP couldn’t find the X-ray because she was looking for a neck X-ray but finally found the chest X-ray which didn’t help her. She said she could give me pain meds, but I wouldn’t be able to drive. I declined.

So she sent me to her favorite physical therapist who couldn’t schedule me in for a month. So I scheduled an appointment with my physical therapist.

Now I’m sitting in the physical therapist’s office awaiting his therapy.

Pain is tiring. I understand better those who suffer with chronic pain.

It wears you down and limits activity.

The only help has been sitting with a heating pad.

Bless you if you suffer chronic pain and bless those who help you.

It is however distracting from what I used to sorry about.

– Small town boy

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