Today is not Wednesday

Today is not Wednesdau, nor Tuesday either.

This is not March, but an extended February.

This is not daylight saving anything,

But make up for a quarter day overshoot each year. 

Where did they get this leap year leap day, you ask?

Why out of their imagination, of course.

Why are US presidential elections held during this leap year?

And why aren’t we voting today and all those debates, interviews and town hall meetings would be over, now.

In Dogpatch the girls, including Daisy Mae get to ask their fellas, including Lil’ Abner to the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

I don’t expect I’ll get invited this year.

And today my son Jim is marrying Karis in Denver. They will only have to celebrate every four years, and it will be easy for him and her to remember the date.

So this is an imaginary day, an extra day for you.

What will you do with it?


Nothing would be a good thing to do today, all day, by yourself or with others.

Dedicate this day to…

Hmmm, dedicate this day to nothing in particular,

And do your best to enjoy this extra day squeezed into your life.

By doing nothing, in particular.

(Art by Robin Parsons)

– small town boy


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