The Puppy

I was walking down the road, alone,

Lost in my own thoughts 

When I found a puppy, a cur really.

I almost passed it by,

Until I heard it cry,

Cry as though it’s heart 

Was broken .

Crying, wailing, from

Abandonment, from abuse,

From neglect, from hunger and loneliness.

It spoke to me.

Not in words but in need.

My wife says I’m overly empathetic,

Maybe that was it.

At first it didn’t want me to come near,

To touch.

But it came to

Me that it needed a friend, an ally.

I could be that friend,

Someone to provide safety and healing.

It cried for justice and pain meds.

I wasn’t in a position to provide those things.

But I could clean it up,

Feed it,

Pet it,

Talk with it in low voice.

And soon we were laughing together.

It became stronger with food, care and love.

It wanted to go places, to the dog park, to the vet, to WINCO.

It really liked coffee, the frozen drink with too much calories.

I knew it needed a friend, but

I hadn’t realized that I needed one too.

Someone to do things with.

As it got better it wanted to do something for me in return.

It wanted to tell me how to run my life.

How to deal with children that were takers and had not been cut loose though they were in their twenties.

How to dress, especially without dog hairs and food stains.

How to do nice things for my wife.

It was adamant.

I don’t respond well to being told what to do.

I hadn’t expected criticism and direction.

At this moment I am recovering from such an attack.

I call it an attack because that is what it felt like.

When I get out of my “grouchy bear” mode, I will again take it to the park to play.

Being a friend is harder than I thought.

I’m glad Jeff is helping me with this (the Holy Spirit).

It’s so time consuming, and so emotionally draining, and so affects my relationship with others.

But now I have a friend, and it does too.

– Small town boy


April fool

Hey, there’s a spider on your shoulder!

April fool.

You can be president someday.

April fool.

Don’t worry about what anyone thinks, just do what you want.

April fool.

There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

April fool.

Have you made a list of false promises?

Promises you made to others? To yourself?

Who are you kidding, right?

I’m going to lose weight; I’m going to get more exercise; il going to save my money.

You fail, and yet…

Motivation, focus, goal setting means hope, no?

Try this: make your promises bigger.

I’m going to cure cancer.

I’m going to end world poverty.

I’m going to invent something that will help mankind.

It’s not reality or stark truth that helps us do great things,

It’s dreams and false promises.

I promise.

April fool.

-Small town boy.