I’m having difficulty eating lunch and writing,

Angel, my 6 year old great granddaughter is curious,

Why do I want to write about lunch?

Because I wrote about breakfast, I say.

Lunch has always been PB&J, carrots and apple or orange,

At least that’s what I took to school for my lunch.

Because it was a stable diet it did not require decision making early in the morning.

My bike was stolen from my house because I went back inside to get my lunch.

It was a Cannondale touring bike that I had toured the Gulf Islands with.

The bike I used all my graduate credit payoffs from my doctorate at U of Oregon.

but let’s not get distracted, we’re talking about lunch.

One of the best was in Lucerne, Switzerland.

My daughter Ashley and I were touring Europe with a group of black middle school students

That my ex-wife had organized. My daughter is black.

Although I had been enjoying lunch with other parents on the trip,

This day, in Lucerne, Ashley spent the day with me and we had lunch together!

I love her for it.

I never had lunch at home when I was in school.

My mother was a home-ec teacher in Loveland, 13 miles away.

I had lunch when we lived in Boulder because she moved there because my brother and I attended UofCO,

but I made it myself, mom was teaching at two Jr. Highs and taught geology too because there were not enough home-Ed classes.

When I flunked out (flunking 10 semester hours, 5 calculus and 5 qualitative analysis in my chemical engineering major)

I worked as a laborer for Mr Gibbons who had been a Seabee (construction battalion) in the Pacific during the war,

I packed a lunch of hearty food for a working man.

If I’m going to eat junk food it is often at noon. McD’s, DQ, KFC, and all the rest of the alphabet,

so instead I try to eat salad.

I lost 30 lbs on a plant based, no processed food diet, after my Neuro-psychiatrist told me to

(Using “Forks over Knives” video on Netflix.

I lost my diabetes meds, my blood pressure meds, almost all my meds.

And then I gained them back. Now I’m back to where I was.

I should eat better lunches.

I’ve got breakfast down.

My wife is cooking dinner fresh from her garden.

So lunch is my downfall,

And snacks.

– Small town boy


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