Bermuda Shorts

In the fall of 1959 I was a freshman at the University of Colorado in Boulder

Living in Willis Hall dorm, and

Wearing my first pair of Bermuda Shorts.

You need to know that I grew up on overalls from the Speigel catalogue

And celebrated the day that I could wear jeans (not Levi’s yet) without the bib.

It would be a while till I could lose the high top Red Goose shoes for my flat feet

And get my first Converse style sneakers in 1954?

So my reaction to Bermuda Shorts was embarrassment!

I couldn’t wear them in public without Bermuda socks that ran up to my knees.

The only time I had been naked in front of others was when my Boy Scout Troop

Went to (then) Colorado A&M to swim in the men’s pool, which required swimmers to be sans clothing.

I remember to this day how brave I felt walking out of the dorm in shorts.

I’ll admit I was quite naive then,

When I first wore my AFROTC uniform, I doffed my hat to every female I walked past,

Till I decided/figured out that that protocol wasn’t required like saluting was.

Today I wear shorts with ease (and kilts too),

Cargo shorts,

With black compression socks,

Definitely a style/medical change from when I was 18 (now I’m 75)

And negative heel Earth Shoes.

Well, I’m off to bike to church.

Be cool.

-Small town boy


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