Answer the phone!

The phone rings.

I try to figure out which phone:

My iPhone? My wife’s iPhone? My grandkids on their (our) iPads? Or my landline/house phone?

But wait, it’s the house phone, but someone has taken my wireless phone from my bedroom.

But wait, the phone tries to pronounce the name of the caller :Chicago Il (3 calls in quick succession)

I don’t answer.

I notice the light blinking telling me there are voice messages.

The message is from my son in Portland using his computer

(Interruption: a call from a woman I don’t know )

From his computer because his cell was broken when he threw it in anger, again.

“Please contact me by Facebook.”

When I Message him he wants to know what you m talking about?

School called and left a message that her eczema needs lotion . Another old message, my wife says she carries lotion in her backpack.

The appraiser just left. There was an old message that he was coming, but I didn’t get it before he got here. My bad.

No one calls except businesses I don’t want to talk to, or politicos.

We all text now, which can’t be done on my house phone.

My daughter and her husband don’t have a landline anymore. Do I really need one?

I hardly read emails.

I used to call people to tell them to answer their email; now I email them (or text them) to  tell them to answer their phone.

Long phone conversations don’t happen.

A friend got a call from his nephew on Skype.

Never mind, I’ll call you. When’s a good time? You going to be home?

“Hello, I can’t find my little phone in my purse. I’ll have to call you back when I find it.” (Message on my wife’s cell phone.)

-Small town boy


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