Scooter Games

On my little (150cc Honda) scooter 

I play games on the road. 

I play man hole slolum, for instance.

This is where I swing and swoop avaoiding man holes.

Some streets are full of them and they are not in a straight line.

It is important to avoid them because they are slippery, especially in the rain.

You have to avoid them or hit them directly.

If you hit them on the edge, sometimes, they will flip up?

So if you see me in my bright orange vest and bright orange helmet,

You will know I’m playing man hole slolum.

When I go through Avery Park, I play speed bump rodeo.

I think I’m on a bucking bronco when I go over these speed bumps.

I don’t go fast, the speed limit is 15 mph, but my imagination

Takes me to the rodeo.

The other cars are not as careful,

Sometimes they buck and shocks have to catch them when they fall.

Sometimes they don’t want to go 15 mph.

On my bicycle I play broken glass polo.

I sometimes carry a child’s broom

To clean the bike lanes of broken glass.

The polo game exists mostly in my mind since I have to get off my bike to sweep.


Games I don’t play include: Keeping up with the others, taking shortcuts, confusing drivers, and panic stops.

Well, I did have a panic stop on my scooter, because of Police flashing lights,

And was tail ended by a pickup with a winch on front.

Now I don’t do that if I can help it.

Putt putt.

-small town boy


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