Take your finger out of the dike!

My daughter-in-love taught me that love is not a pie from which you serve a limited number of pieces before you run out.

Love, she says, is more like an ocean. Unlimited and infinitely shareable.

The more you share the more you have.

So take your finger out of the dike and let it flow, through you.

You are here to love others, all others, no exceptions.

I find this difficult to do.

But I know how.

Let it flow to everyone through you from Him.

You are the conduit.

Don’t block the flow.

Tell those you love that you love them. 

I love you.

In this age of media dominated lives we think saying I love you is false, fake, not real.

But I’m telling you the more you use these words the more you will find

He is behind them and if you block them you block Him.

So give it a try.

Soon you will find people who say I love you too.

People who enjoy hugs

And kisses,

Long hugs, heart to heart.

Loneliness disappears and you make real contact with Him in them.

I have begun to notice those who reach out to shake your hand

Quickly shift to a hug when offered.

Kisses are different.

We have lost the ability to kiss without assuming intimacy..

Really kiss, not just peck.

So I’m asking you to take your finger out of the dike

And let love flow, through you, from Him.

This world needs love and you have it to give.

Don’t be afraid or hesitant, give it to those around you.

Love is stronger than evil.

So much stronger.

You can feel it.

I can feel you.

I love you.


-small town boy



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