I live you

Damn autocorrect.

Each time I write love,

It writes live. 

All my live it says, or

I live you, or


Maybe live is ok.

One should live love,

Not just say it. 

(Autocorrect just wrote one should live live and I corrected it.)

Try pronouncing live as līve (like hive), either the first live or the last live.

I like doing it to the second live,

We need to live live,

We need to live live too. (It did it again)

I mean we need to love live too.

It now autocorrects love to live, I watched it!

I don’t know which live it means?

Live or live (like hive)?

Should I live live (again!),

I mean live love?

Or should my love be (a)live?

Or should I live love (a)live?

I’m so tangled in love, live, and (a)live the words are blending together and confusing me.

Where was I?

Oh yes, I live you.

-small town boy


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