The Sun is in my eyes

6:54 a.m., the sun rises and blinds me.

I must move or shade my eyes so I can see.

It is not as bad as when I had cataracts that scattered the light all over my vision,

But it is bothersome as I sit here trying to write.

It is the end of July here in Corvallis, 

The sun rises later, but the days are hotter.

With daylight savings we save the daylight for this event,

Sun up before children up. Quiet time.

They have set their iPads alarms for 7:00

So they can dress and prepare to play soccer this morning (at 11:00)

At Lil’ Kickers this morning.

She (age 6) wants to play with him (age 8),

He (age 8) wants to teach her (age 6) some kicks.

She is sorely disappointed that she can’t go,

Her age bracket was yesterday.

After some disappointment, she decides she will go to see him play.

Oops, it’s 7:00 I better see if they got up

With the sun, and

Take my wife coffee to start her day.

– Small town boy

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