I am very humble, I’m the most humble person I know.

Everyone says how humble I am, they want to be me. 

My manner and speech scream humility. 

You can hear me miles away.

It is better being humble, and I am the best!

I used to be prideful and full of myself, but now it’s humble that rules my day.

If you want to be humble too just sit down and be quiet and listen to me, don’t interrupt when I’m talking, what I say is important

If you want to be humble like me…

Well, no one can be humble like me.

Humble pie, that’s my dish.

Be (me) ever so humble…

Humility is next to… something, I forgot.

I’m always first because the last shall be first!

I have so many pictures of myself, it’s humbling.

Don’t be afraid to be humble, stick up for yourself.

You’re great!

With great humility, Lloyd The Great

– Small town boy

(This poem is not about any one, living or dead, or running for President)

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