Taking kids out to eat

Taking kids out to eat requires finesse.

The right restaurant, more often fast food,

And the right play area,

And, as a bonus, the right machines

While my kids are satisfied having a couple quarters for the Dino eggs,

The champion of the Animal House is my son Teddy, now 25.

In his day not only could he get his favorite stuffed toy (often Yoshi)

But he would stay and get toys for younger kids who hadn’t mastered the machine yet.

Play areas have come and gone:

The outdoor play area with a tall slide and foam rubber mat on the ground at Burger King in NE Portland;

The ball pits at McDonalds,

The tubes to slide in, but NOT climb up in; 

The arcade at Farrels Ice Cream;

And more.

Now Papas Puzza in South Corvallis has the last visages of those great play places and my kids fav is our evenings respite.

This place is saved for special occasions:

Birthdays, school events, coupon days, and days when dollars spent go to regional charities,

And when mamma needs a break.

Kids instantly recognize these events for what they are:

Opportunities to get them tired and in the other room playing.

Angel made a bargain with me, if I would give her a quarter to play the machine, she wouldn’t ask for more.

That didn’t satisfy her and she got her own dollar (from the bookcase somewhere) to spend on herself.

I am happy to get a salad bar salad (lots of anything) and a couple of pieces of their pizza because “they’re not really hungry” and rush off to the play area.

-small town boy


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