My poop bag is my moop bag

When I walk Tawny, my red Golden Retreiver,

I carry poop bags in a blue bone container on the leash, orange colored.

When she poops, I pick it up.

She likes that I do this for her; it is preferable to pooping in the back yard and getting yelled at.

I like it too because it stretches my back.

I went to The Portland Regional Burn last year on Memorial Day, called SOAK, held in Tyghe Valley neat The Dalles, Or.

There I was given a MOOP bag.

MOOP stands for Material Out Of Place. I learned to pick up even the smallest MOOP.
We argued about dead bugs, removing only those which were out of place.

One on Burning Man Principles is “Leave no trace!”

When I went to Burning Man 2015 at Black Rock Desert near Reno, Nevada, I picked up MOOP so as to leave the playa in as pristine condition as we found it.

I mean these folks are serious, they had rakes to find the smallest thing.

Is peeing on the playa MOOP?

When I returned I noticed a particularly littered corner on North Lombard in St John’s in North Portland.

How ugly I said. Someone should pick it up, I said.

And so I did, starting with a plastic bag I found in the litter and then filling it with the rest of the mess.

When I deposited it at the True Value’s trash can, a man said thanks.

So, now when I walk the dog and pick up her poop, I leave the bag open for the rest of the walk around the park and fill it with MOOP before I dump it in the trash.

I know of at least one other old guy who picks up too.

Probably he doesn’t know it’s MOOP.

– small town boy

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