If you remember…

These words mean trouble.

If you

Remember often proceeds I told you so,

A reminder of my foolish thinking.

A reminder if my failing memory.

A reminder of false priorities.

A reminder .

I remember life.

I remember love.

I remember hugs and kisses.

I even remember sex and erections long gone.

Do you remember?


Cuddling? In bed? Sleeping in the same room?

I do. Every night.

My body remembers too.

My body holds memories of touch and contact. And warm kisses. And holding hands. And sitting together   

And bench seats in cars that allowed you to sit next to me with my arm around your shoulders.

My heart remembers:? adrenaline, stomach churning, Pulse pounding, aching and loneliness.

My spirit also remembers:

 joint spiritual paths, joint friendships and joint prayers.

From memory comes hope.

From memory comes action .

Let me build new memories with you, enjoy your touch, seek celestial answers together, and enjoy being together and doing things together.

I love you, remember?

– Small town boy


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