Just sitting around

Temperatures are high, over 100° in the Willammette Valley, 

88° here at the coast, warm for the coast.

We’re all lazing around the beach house.

My granddaughter is on the second floor deck, and her mother is down at the beach. 

John and I have been hiding inside, we’re both redheads. Playing nine ball on the pool table.

Betsy and the kids are in the living room with iPads. She is texting about s’mores made in a small cupcake pan, grandson playing his building game and granddaughter playing a spelling game with a friend from next door. She’s on John’s iPad because she left grandmas in the sun till it complained, so she’s off that one for a while.

I’ve escaped to the back (shaded and breezy) deck with iced tea, my iPhone (to write this blog) and my book, No god but God, which I’m enjoying very much. I’m reading it to honor Khizer Khan, a man of honor.

I’m mostly clothed, wishing otherwise, and hoping someone didn’t forget we’re making ice cream this afternoon.

I will leave this idyllic location early tomorrow morning to take grandson to soccer in Corvallis. He loves it and is quit good even though he’s only been in summer soccer for a few weeks.

I can hear but not see the ocean, sounds relaxing. No strong winds today.

Morning glories and blackberries have taken over the sand filter (septic system) this deck is built over.

House needs repaintimg on this (south) side. There’s a bat box up there by the third floor deck that’s too hot right now..

Germany just win the gold in women’s soccer defeating Sweden. (I had to go inside to upload the pictures).

Back to the deck. My dog was looking for me.

Love to you all.

Enjoy your vacation if you are where school hasn’t started up again (to prepare for testing).

Find somewhere to sit, quietly, alone, and do nothing.

– Small town boy

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