Will you walk with me?

My wife is always several steps ahead of me,

When hiking in the Rockies, she left me in the dust.

My dog walks with me now that Animal Crackers demoed a halter that makes her do so.

My great grandson walks just behind me, imitating my slow old man walk.

My pace is slow, my range is short, I have to sit once or twice when walking the dog around the park.

I use a cane when I go for a walk because of a full hip replacement in my right hip, it’s twenty five years old.

I’m seventy five next Friday.

I do better on my bike, a semi recumbent Giant Revive,

But I ride with no one.

I have a Honda 150 SHi, but it’s too small to ride with the Oregon Scooter Club in Portland or Salem.

My neighbor, the house my kids play at, has a small scooter unused in his garage.

I said, “We should go for a ride.”

His eyes brightened and he said, “yes.”

So I walk with my dog.

But I often think there’s someone else walking with me, right beside me, who’s in no hurry and always ready to sit next to me and talk.

I love Him for this.

He gets up with me in the morning, and we greet the day, and we talk about those who need help today and those who don’t, the list is long.

He’s with me the last thing at night, and we put the day to rest, and we talk about the things that happened today, the good and the bad.

He does not judge me or my actions or my thoughts or me.

He is my closest friend.

I decided to take life one day at a time when I turned seventy.

He helps with this.

Each day I purge my mind, my heart, my body, and my spirit of their respective baggage/histories/hurts.

And be open to the day He has in store for me, and the events, places and people it has for me.

I’m happy because He walks with me, 

And because I walk with Him.

– Small town boy


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