I love you

Today is my seventy fifth birthday,

And I just want to tell you

That I love you, each and everyone of you.
               Family.                Friends

Strangers, acquaintances, Muslims, babies

             Jews, black people, Hispanics,

                      Asians, gays, God

                               And me


This is my bucket list:

1. Tell EVERYONE you love them.

That’s all; that’s it; for one day, now .

These are Burning Man principles: (let’s see if they apply to this effort?)

✔️ Be all inclusive, yep.

✔️ Gift, yep.

✔️ Decommodificate, yep

✔️ Radical self reliance, yep

✔️ Radical self expression, yep

✔️ Working together, yep

✔️ civic duty, ?

✔️ Leave no trace, yep

✔️ Radical volunteerism, yep

✔️ Immediacy, yep

Great, nine out of ten.

Golden Rule:

✔️ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, yep

✔️ several of the Ten Commandments, yep

Anything else?

Should be simple, no?

Let’s start with you: I love you.

Pass it on.

-Small town boy

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