Corvallis AC

There’s a phenomenon here in Corvallis, OR

That I call Corvallis AC

It’s a breeze that comes in from the Pacific

50 miles to the west.

It cools off the day and cools off the house and

Cools off the people in the house.

A zephyr

In Portlnd we had gorge winds from the Columbia gorge to the east,

But it often blew an ill-wind,

Snow and freezing ice,

As it blew below the warmer, moister sea breezes from the west,

It made freezing rain and black ice.

Transformers would explode in a vision of yellow sparks in the night,

And lights would go out.

But here in Corvallis everyone loves the evening zephyr,

Except maybe cyclist who complained to me,

On my Honda Motorscooter,

About the wind

With no one in front of them

To break the wind

And set the cadence

As we had on the first Cycle Oregon when we turned into the wind

From Mapleton to Florence on hwy 126

And made new friends and

Learned the protocol for drafting:

The leader changes, every mile, and each member of the line gets a chance

To face the wind.

Kites are abundant at the beach with strong winds for

Stunt kites that dance and swoop above the sand.

But no kites here,

Only the occasional turkey vulture

Soaring and sailing in the up drafts.

I envy them,

And I envy the woman in South Africa who

Went hang gliding with the cape vultures! Ahhhh!

So I will just enjoy the little zephyr who cools my patio

On the east side of the house.

My old neighbor sent their children to ACE school

And their science books said that the wind

Was the breath of God.

Thanks God.

-small town boy


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