My Life Quilt

I received a handmade quilt for my 75th birthday.

My friend Joanne is a quilter.

I had asked if she could make my tee shirts into a quilt.

She said box em up and send them.

That was months ago.

I am stunned by the results.

I have been overwhelmed by the heartfelt generosity of this gift.

I wanted to give her something.

So, at 3:30 am I got an idea.

I would make a video explaining what each of the 20+ panels means from my life.

Then I got a greater idea!

I will write 20+ stories telling the significance of each.

I told Joanne she had given me my life back. 

I’ve been recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia.

I’m on a med and a patch.

I am easily distracted and forgetful.

But now, thanks to my Life Quilt, I have mental exercise, recollection, and will archive memories before they disappear.

Bless you Joanne.

So, beginning tomorrow with the Portland Oregon tee shirt, now Life Quilt, I will write the stories.

Stay tuned.

– Small town boy

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