Life Quilt row 1, square 3 – Arizona

To get away from Oregon weather Betsy and I planned to visit our friend LuAnn in Mesa, Az in February 2011.

Looks warm and sunny, right?

HA! It was the coldest February in years. Water features (fountains and such) were frozen. 

We had to buy jackets at the Desert Botanical Gardens because we hadn’t brought any, thinking Arizona would be warm, if not hot.

The B and B in Cottonwood in the north near Jerome was not open because their pipes had frozen.

So we headed south via the Tom Mix highway, all the way to the Mexican border,  Tubac, AZ where I bought this tee shirt:

We enjoyed the warm weather in Tubac, Tucson, and Tombstone in southern Arizona.

When we returned to Oregon we found that they were experiencing unseasonably warm weather.

BTW, suguaro cacti don’t get ‘arms’ till they’re 72. I felt right at home.

– Small town boy

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