My Life Quilt #2 – Costa Rica

This is the second square of memories from the Life Square made for me by my friend Joanne for my 75th birthday..

My wife Betsy and I went to Costa Rica on a birding trip with Road Scholars where I bought this tee shirt with the macaw in it.

While it’s true that we saw birds everywhere, even during meals in outdoor restaurants and dining rooms, the most memorable event we shared was because Betsy wanted to walk along the beach.

We left the tour bus and walked through a small town to get to the beach, when we heard raucous cries. When we looked up we saw a pair of macaws flying into the trees near the shore. Exquisite! We couldn’t have had a better show or viewing of a mated pair. Thank you Betsy.

One more thing in this memory: a hotel on wheels! At the other end of the beach was a semi truck with a very large trailer. As we walked closer we could see that it was set up and being used for a hotel!

Sort of like this German one called a Rotel, but the one we saw was from Australia, I think.

Although I had done a lot of traveling after my retirement, as a global volunteer, this was only one of two trips Betsy was able to come with me. You see, we had adopted three of our grandchildren in 1992 and that required her to stay at home, so I really loved her for coming in this beautiful trip we had planned together.

I love you Betsy.

– Small town boy 


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