Life Quilt – row 1, square 4 – Northwest Medical Teams, Part 3, Jeff in Peru

My memories with NWMT are linked to three men that went with me: Wild Bill (Mexico), Ben (Peru 1), and Jeff (Peru 2).

Coya, Peru

You wont believe how much progress the Peruvian team has made in our one year absence.

this is how we left it in 2004:

This is what we found when. We. arrived in 2005:

In 2005 Jeff came to Peru.  Jeff and I worked together in the Northwest Medical Teams (NWMT) ware house in Tigard, OR. (Now called Medical Teams International). In the warehouse we picked up medical equipment donated to NWMT and loaded pallets with medical supplies for foreign countries.  We would see the result when we went to Coya, Peru this year.

One of the more interesting pickups occurred at the State Mental Hospital in Salem. To be prepared for Y2K they had purchased additional blankets in case of power failure. As the power failure didn’t come to pass, they donated the extra blankets to NWMT.

Jeff and I drove the NWMT truck to the hospital in Salem and found the dock where we were to load the blankets. The two men that were helping us had on jeans that Jeff really liked and he wanted to know where he could get some.  I pointed out the they had “Oregon State Mental Hospital” written in big letters on the butt.  He changed his mind.

Here is what was  shipped to Coya by NWMT in a big Container:

Some of the K-Y Jeffry was used to lube the wires fed into conduit!

In addition to the. shipped supplies we brought a wheel chair for someone.  We planned all kinds of cons to get the airline to take it, but we were disappointed when the gate attendant simply took it and sent it to the hold.

Here is Simon awaiting his new chair.  He had his old one for many years and it had been repaired until it couldn’t be repaired any further.

the mayor was very grateful for the gift of funds from my family.

And finally I get help from Gumby and Pokey his horse to set up the Ophthomology microscope.

Upon completion of the Kauai Wasi Clinic,  sixteen different medical teams came to this clinic to treat people who lived in or near the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Next? Living quarters for visiting medical teams and an ambulance.

In 2005 I brought throwaway cameras which I distributed to teens in the village. Here are the pictures they took.

Jeff has since passed away due to cancer. I loved him and the work we did together. Bless you my friend.

This ends the Northwest medical Team tee  shirt stories for my Life Quilt.

– Small Town Boy


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