Life Quilt row 2, #4 – Oaxaca Mexico 

while in Oaxaca Mexico with Northwest Medical Teams and Manus de Vida, I had time to be a tourist.

The closest place to visit was just outside the hotel, the zocolo, the town center plaza.

But nearby was the ruins of Monte Alban, capital of the Zapotec people, occupied from 500 BC to 750 AD.

In addition, there was a museum in Oaxaca at the Santo Domingo Church.

the fellow you see on the tee shirt is Chac-Mool and he is a form of pre-Colombian Mesoamerican sculpture

In addition after a 20 minute drive I was introduced to Teotitlan de Valle where we saw people weaving rugs using natural dyes.

I especially remember the red which came from a bug!

I purchased a rug with a an escher design featuring fish. It hangs on our wall at the beach house.

– Small town boy



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