Life Quilt, row 2,#1, Old Sacramento

Cory and George took Betsy and me to the sternwheeler Delta King on the Sacramento River for Father’s Day June 3, 2012. I bought this tee shirt after in Old Sacramento.

Note the appropriate background? You rock, Joanne.

Though I’ve been in sternwheelers in Portland, Salem, St Louis, and New Orleans, I’ll have to say this was a great treat from Cory (my eldest daughter) and George for Father’s Day.

 Picture by Cory

Betsy and I had a great day.

 Picture by Cory

The Delta King is a restored sternwheeler in the Sacramento River that docks in Old Sacramento and is now outfitted with a wonderful restaurant, The Pilothouse Restaurant, on its upper deck.

As you can see, it is also a hotel!

While eating lunch the Delta King moved down river. The sights were similar to Portland, bridges that can be raised.

Cory’s pictureCory’s picture
After the tour of the Sacramento River, and lunch, we walked among the stores in Old Sacremento.

This is where I got the Old Sacramento tee shirt as a memento of Father’s day on the Delta King and Old Sacramento with my wonderful daughter and her husband.  Betsy and I had a wonderful time and this tee shirt is doing its job here on the Life Quilt to remind me of these moments.

Cory’s picture
-Small Town Boy


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