Life Quilt row 2,#2, PWTC

PWTC (Portland Wheelmen Touring Club) holds the Pioneer Century ride in Canby, Oregon in the spring.

I didn’t go on any of the regularly scheduled PWTC rides in my neighborhood in NE Portland (because they rode too fast for me) but I rode the Pioneer Century often.  It was a training ride for other century (100 mi) rides, specifically the Seattle to Portland (STP) 200 mile ride in July.

The STP rides from Seattle to Portland, and the last time I rode it we started at a University of Washington dorm and the first miles were underground on the express lanes of I-5 freeway.

I’ve ridden the STP three times.

This is the Bike Sat ‘R day, a recumbent fold up bike with under seat steering (USS) and a short wheel base.  This is a picture from a ride in Wisconsin, but you get the idea.

After my son Jacquari’s  heroic ride 65 miles to Pacific City (on Reach the Beach ride, seen later in this life quilt.) on his BMX bike, I bought him a bike with lots of gears and took him on. The Pioneer Century. He had nine flat tires!  He learned how to repair a flat in spades.

– Small town boy


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