Life Quilt row 2,#3-Loveland High

This tee shirt isn’t from Loveland High School in Loveland, Colorado,

But I am. I graduated in 1959.

So I bought this  tee shirt to  commemorate my fiftyith. 

Note the 59 for the 1959 graduation date.

But I did not go alone. I took Ruby with me, to  make a grand entrance.

I also had a handle bar moustache.

 I took ruby on her trailer to my son’s house in Denver and then took her off the trailer and rode to the hotel in Loveland, only to  run into Curtis who graduated with me, but now lived in Eugene!  I told him  we could have gotten together in Monroe (half way between Corvallis and Eugene) and had a beer or a cup of coffee.

My fifty year reunion was filled  with old people.  We each had a name tag with our (high school) picture and our name.  So I went up to each person, looked at their name tag and let them see mine and asked, “So how have you been?”

No big surprises. It was mostly the social set who still lived in Loveland. My friends didn’t come. Oh well.

The best thing was the man who came up to me and told me he had my mother for Home Ec and still remembers how good she was.

– Small town boy


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