Life Quilt row 3, #1 1/2 Reno, NV

The plan was, and reservations had been made for renting a Harley from Eagle Rider Motorcycles in Reno; that’s how I got this tee shirt.

But plans change.

After a great week at Silver Legacy we decided to take the tour of the new downtown Reno on Segues (the two wheel vehicles you see above).

But plans change.

(Betsy) I’m not good at balancing two wheel vehicles, ok? But Lloyd wanted to do it and I said ok. We watched training videos, practiced, and signed lots of papers protecting those who rent the segues.

We weren’t more than two blocks from Silver Legacy, riding down the sidewalk, when my left wheel went off the sidewalk and I was thrown into the street

The EMTs were very nice. They took me to St Mary’s hospital only a few blocks away and then continued to check on me whenever they came back to the ER.

(Lloyd) I and the other two continued on the tour. We rode along the Truckee River, stopping from time to time to see the urban development.

A few moments later the right wheel of my Segue dropped off the sidewalk and threw me down. Fortunately I only act scratched my elbow.
We had planned to fly back to Oregon, but plans change.

Betsy had four breaks in her tibia plateau and wore a long black splint. She wouldn’t fit on the small Horizon jet we had come on.

So we rented a Ford Edge, a roomy SUV crossover, and drive home to Corvallis.

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