Life Quilt row 5, # 3 Peace

I didn’t want to be drafted.


I was alive when the USA dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I know about the Manhatten Project. I wanted to fly jets and bomb people anonymously. I was two years in AFROTC till they found our I get airsick (because I told them). Now drones would be my thing?

I had a student deferment until that didn’t work.

I had another deferment because I was married, until that didn’t keep me from 1A status.

I became a father and lost my 1A status.

I tried later, when I started teaching, to go to AF Officer Candidate school, but was denied due to very flat feet.

My life would be quite different had I been in the service in the 60’s.

My desire to serve was based in a romanticized view of pilots which I got from WWII movies.

As a youth in the forties (I was born just 69 days before Pearl Harbor) we saw war in the screen with news before every movie. We played “war” all the time, in fox holes or mountains or cities: “BANG! You’re dead! No, I’m not; you missed me by a mile.”

I assembled many plastic kits of AF planes, props and jets. I saw many war movies (which I still watch to see heroic action).

Viet Nam and the sixties and seventies and hippies and anti nuclear and peace, baby.

I marched, i joined the street blockades at Portland State, I wore the peace symbol.

I have friends, vets, who believe peace is the answer; who believe war is not.

As I have been reviewing myself, I have concluded that war is not the answer but peace is not possible on this planet.


The old song sang, “Let there be peace and let it begin with me.”

Or, “Think globally, but act locally.”

I’m working on inner peace. Peace and quiet. A moment’s peace.

Peace and love.  I can love you but can’t give you peace, no?

I can hold you, but I can’t hold onto you.

I can listen to you, empathize, learn, appreciate you,

By appreciating me.

My peace is your peace.

My love is yours.


Peace baby!

– Small town boy


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