Life Quilt, row 5, #5 – A large entertainment park in Orlando (can’t use the D word)

Kelly Vick Pounds, this memory is for/of you.

My daughter Ashley and your daughter Becca rode this ride eleven times.

I rode it once, with you, and got this tat shirt.

I’ve kept it all this time to remember.

The rest of it (on the back?) says, “I recommend you take the stairs.”

Let’s go back to the beginning. Kelly lives near Orlando and used to work for the large entertainment park in Orlando. she hired me to come and help the University there to set goals and mission.  While we were working, her daughter and mine went on the ride above 11 times.

But that’s not the beginning either.

In the early nineties (right Kelly?) I went to Bozeman, Montana to work with Dave at MSU.  He was building a science net for Montana schools. It was so big that folks came from foreign countries (smaller than Montana, like Finland) to see what we were up to.  I was there as a Image Processing expert.

I met Kelly and we have been friends ever since.  she has changed jobs, overcome major physical disabilities, and is the first person on FB in the morning because she is on the east coast.  She has moved on to several very exciting and imaginative jobs since. It is always interesting to see what she’s up to now.

Sometimes we get on the phone and talk about her daughter or mine.

She bikes, swims, and plays golf despite her disability. apparently she doesn’t feel disabled. I dont’t think of her like that ether. 

She’s one of my heroes. I love her.

And every time I see this tee shirt, which now is daily, I think of her. She’s my friend.

-small town boy

This concludes all the tee shirts on the Life Quilt that Joanne made me.  I will remember all these things when. I go to sleep and when I rise. Thank you Joanne. I love you.


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