The Box

I think you’ve built a box.

You began when you were small, actually you built most of it when you were very small.

You had lots of help.

You made your box like those around you, because that’s what you thought boxes should be like.

After you built your box, you began to  put things into it,

Things you saw, and things you saw the others do,

Things you heard, especially if it was strident; those were very important words and sounds,

Sounds like tsk tsk, or tut tut, or oh my!

And swear words. You kept all the swear words you ever heard.

And jokes, jokes you didn’t understand, or  didn’t see the bigotry in.

And you watched how people in your life treated other people,

And you wrote it  down.

Actually it’s the things you didn’t write  down,

But remembered, that have had greater affect on your view of the world outside your box.

You never ever let anyone inside your box, it’s personal and private.

You dont show others what is in your box, except by your actions.

Your children watch this and put things in  their boxes.

Sometimes you just spend the day moaning or crying over something awful in your box, quietly and seriously, but unwilling to toss anything out of your box. You don’t ever clean house.

Every hurt, every slight, every put down are all in there. And you nurture them in silence and in the dark.

And then one day, there is someone new in your life, someone you wish to share even those things deep in your special box.

Someone who helps you clean out the trash just by being in the same room, next to you.

Someone who shines the light into your box, and make the shadows disappear, and makes you feel light headed.

With love you both step outside your boxes and think in new ways, do new things, have new experiences.

And later, in the comfort of your abiding life and love, you begin to examine the box you have built

and tear it apart.

And the more it gets rent asunder,

the more you feel the light and the love,

but It now seems to be coming from above!

And so you share it and you grow, growing too big to fit into any box anymore.

And the love you have received spills out onto everyone you come in  contact with.

You love everybody. Every body! Even yourself.

And you no longer need the box.

You’re whole now.

You’re all that He meant you to be and more.

Your world is so large, so large, so large that

You are one with all.

– small town boy


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