The Paradigm

I want to construct a paradigm,

Or maybe to describe the paradigm I operate under.

And tell you if the heuristics I apply,

That is to describe an analogy,

To put it simply.

You see I know there are archetypes at work in my life, and it’s better that I know them, yes?

Well first paradigm is that of the man I should be, or the man that I am.

It depends on whether you think my self is theoretical or actual.

I believe in the theoretical paradigm,

By you, based in reality, have no interest in what I want to be, but know, better than I, the person I am.
Each day I try to balance the two.

I am talking incessantly to myself about who I should be or who I think I am,

And make daily decisions, choices, based on that paradigm I have constructed over these many years.

And I must listen to your beliefs about how my behavior depicts the real me.

The real me? That person who acts, who is, who shows by his behavior the real mettle of his soul, that person constantly amazes me as well as those who love me.

Sometimes the results are good and sometimes not.

So to add to the invisible paradigm I have built I choose an archetype to aspire to,

The archetype of the king, the lover, and the fool.

Which leads me to my heuristics, also often invisible, that are subconscious.

Heuristics, or rules of thumb, guide my decision making.

These heuristics, based on my constructed paradigm, apply leverage to my choices.

Pushing them one way or another.

They (my decisions or choices) are neither balanced nor bias free.

My decisions, taken as a whole are not like any one else’s,

And by choosing and acting I effect them.

My world is of my making, because it is my view of it that defines it,

And allows me to create it.

My world,


My thoughts and actions,

Are my own unique creation.

Just so you know.

Just so I know.

This is my assertion, my syllogism:

My thoughts guide my actions: my actions are often impulsive: therefore my thoughts are impulsive.

What? You mean they (my thoughts) just pop up?


They pop up because my brain presents them (my thoughts) by whimsy,

And because He tosses ideas into the chaos that is my thought process.

What do you think?

Why, where does that kind of thinking come from?

What’s your paradigm?

– Small town boy


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