I don’t love you anymore

A young mother at Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon

Was trying to get her young son to return to the stroller,

When he shouted, “I don’t love you anymore!”

“You don’t love me any less.”, she returned.

In light of my recent assertation that we are all IN love,

I now posit that we are never out of love.

I love all whom I have ever loved, even today.

And I will love you till the day I die.

I love you no less today than I did before.

You are in my heart.

We are IN love.

For those who dream of lost love, it isn’t lost.

For those who want to fall in love again, you were never out of love.

For those who are looking for love in all the wrong places,

Stop looking.  It is all around you. Your are swimming in it, breathing it, living it each day.

All you need is to realize, discern, comprehend, get it, stop and feel it.

The problem is not that you have no one to love, it’s that you have everyone to love.

Everyday I find another to love, and who loves me.

Every hour I think of those I love, and who love me.

Every minute I feel the love,

I feel love.

At first I didn’t.

Then, slowly, I noticed love in unusual places, occasionally, but then

I ignored it, other than a passing glance.

Now that I am tuned into love, it is almost unbearable.

Who am i to receive such a gift?

Don’t you know my err-ful ways? My mistakes, my poor choices? My goofs?

I am not perfect, far from it, but love is perfect, and by it I realize

There is perfection in me. That perfection in me

Is in you too. That perfection, that love, is what we share, when you say:

“I am IN love with you.”

And it doesn’t go away. It is there forevermore.

Just sit, be quiet, and feel it.

I love you.

-Small town boy


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