Where has my exuberance gone?

I used to be exuberant, about everything in my world.

Trust me, I remember,

I remember the excitement,

I remember the feeling,

I remember getting in trouble, all the time,

And I’m sure my family remembers too.

Now they would call it ADHD?

And give me Ridelin?

My grandson, my great-grandson actually, wants to know too.

He is eight and he has lots of it, exuberance, this morning it was football; he’s left soccer in the dirt, so to speak.

He and his friend, from two doors down,  made a video in the park on ‘How toTackle’; watch for it on YouTube.

He’s learning about football in PE, how to hold the ball for passing, and now he wants,to play with me. Pass it to me. Run out and hook right, and receive the football.

He’s got all my exuberance, and more, he’s filled with enthusiasm!

It’s coming out of his deep Brown eyes; it’s in his voice; I can feel his enthusiasm.

But I don’t have it any more. I’m just tired.

But I have it inside, exuberance and enthusiasm,

I just don’t show it,

Like he does.

– Small town boy


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